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Todo Mundo
Todo Mundo

Todo Mundo
Friday, October 16

Todo Mundo ("All the World"), who was voted "Best World Music" band at the 2014 San Diego Music Awards, blends theflavors of Spanish rumba, reggae, Brazilian, Balkan and MiddleEastern music into an irresistible groove that moves dance floors and connects with audiences across the world. Said by to have "an irresistible beat…to stimulate the heart," the band is known for high-energy performances led by singer and guitarist Santiago Orozco, a native of Colombia, and vocalist Governor Tiggy, from Jamaica. Todo Mundo’s unique mix of world rhythms and danceable songs appeals to people of all ages and ethnicities. Join Todo Mundo and dance in front of the stage while celebrating "All the World’s" music.

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This project received support from Colorado Creative Industries; WESTAF, the Western States Arts Federation; and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Box Office: (970) 879-5056 | x105
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